RAMA and ANIM Longdistance Programme

16 weeks of longdistance teaching between the Royal Academy of Music Aarhus/Aalborg (RAMA) and the Afghanistan National Institute of Music (ANIM) was completed in 2015 with very beneficial results for both institutions.

Most of the lessons were held with Danish teachers in Aarhus teaching eartraining, entrepreneurship, orchestration and instrumental lessons in guitar, bass, trumpet, trombone, flute, saxophone and vocal and the students participating through the Polycom System in Kabul.

The programme played a significant role in the professional development of the students and enabled the teachers to gain valuable experience about distance teaching and learning.

Although it is currently not possible to play along with each other due to a delay in sound, it is nevertheless possible to deliver very fruitful education.

Part of project funding was used to rebuild and equip the distance learning classroom at ANIM.
The initiative was funded by the Danish Centre for Culture and Development.

Report: Longdistance programme ANIM/RAMA

Video: Vocal Lesson

Video: Afghan Flute Master